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​​Remember that software installs will go fastest when you're on campus. It is possible to install software over the VPN, but the install will take longer.

Most software used at Rose-Hulman is available through the Software share in the Distributed File System (DFS).  The software share can be accessed by going to \\\dfs\software.

Software used at Rose-Hulman

For most programs, there are installation instructions in the software's folder.  EIT suggests that you proceed through the installation using the provided instructions, as some applications must be installed correctly to work with Rose-Hulman's software licenses. Not all applications on this list have EIT-provided documentation; some applications are maintained and supported by individual departments.

AcrobatXI ProYesNoNoNo
AFS & Kerberos for Windows1.5.9904YesYesYesNo
Allegro Common LispNoNoNoNo
ArcView Spatial Analyst9.0NoNoNoNo
AutoCAD ArchitectureEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
AutoCAD Civil 3DEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
AutoCAD InventorEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
AutoCAD Map 3DEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
AutoCAD Mechanical DesktopEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
AutoCAD RevitEMS 2013YesNoYesNo
CES EduPack 20142014 v2 x86NoNoNoNo
Chez SchemeNoNoNoNo
Circuit Design Suite (MultiSim)11.0.2YesNoYesNo
COMSOL (formerly FEMLAB)3.0YesYesYesYes
CST Studio Suite 20142014NoNoNoNo
DyKnow Client5.4.20YesNoYesNo
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Legend for the table above

Software and Supported Version columns

These columns list the name of the software (which links to the software's folder on DFS, where applicable) and the latest/most recent version supported by EIT.

Available to... and Installation Instructions columns

Access to software at Rose-Hulman is sometimes restricted by your user type (i.e. student, staff, or faculty). If your applicable Available to... column contains a Yes, you can use the links in the Installation Instructions column.

  • Self-install: DFS: You can install this software yourself by clicking the link and following the instructions.
  • Self-install: DreamSpark: You can install this software yourself from DreamSpark (if your department subscribes), but EIT does not currently provide documentation.
  • Help Desk install: Due to licensing restrictions, the Help Desk must install this software for you.

Requires VPN Off-Campus? column

Some software provided by Rose-Hulman will only work when you are connected to the Rose-Hulman campus network. If you're not on campus (and connected to the Wi-Fi or plugged into the network), you can use the VPN to connect to the campus network. 

  • Yes: This software can only be used off-campus after following these instructions to connect to the VPN.
  • No: This software can be used off-campus without connecting to the VPN.

Buying software at the bookstore

Various Microsoft software (including Windows and Office) can be purchased at the bookstore for media price. Consult the bookstore website for more details.